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Lottie Beth Hobbs 1921–2016

Lottie Beth was born July 7, 1921, in Callahan County, Texas and passed away in Fort Worth on June 4, 2016. She was the 9th of 10 children born to A.G. and Sarah (Sikes) Hobbs. Lottie was preceded in death by her parents and siblings.

She was born and raised as a young child in Rowden, Texas, when her parents saw the need for a better education for their children. They built a home in Abilene, Texas, where they could attend school and church. During the summers the boys would help their dad on the ranch. At an early age she devoted her life to the Lord. Her father told a friend, “I never accomplished much in life but raised kids who will.”

Lottie graduated from Abilene Christian College in 1943, with an emphasis in business, Bible and English. She moved to Fort Worth where she worked for a defense contractor until 1946 when Lottie was called to her life’s work of religious education. She became one of the first church secretaries in Fort Worth and one of her duties was to teach the ladies Bible class. There was not an abundance of material for this type of class. As she prepared her lessons, it became obvious to many that she needed to publish the information. Thus her book business began.

Some of her books have had more than twenty–five printings and some have been printed in Spanish, French, Portuguese and in Hindi, Teluga, Oriya and Tamil in India.

During the 1970’s she became a leader in the national pro–family movement and served as President of the National Pro–Family Forum and editor of The Family Educator. She also served on President Reagan’s Council of Family Values and on the Council for National Policy. The Pro–Family Forum was responsible for helping to get national legislation passed in Congress. Lottie Beth was the foundational pioneer in the whole pro–family movement. Her work as a national leader in the pro–family of movement is recognized and honored in journals published in the United States and Europe. Her quiet humility has never demanded credit or recognition for her leadership efforts.

Lottie was recipient of the Newsmaker of the Year award from the Fort Worth Press Club (1977), Alumni Citation award from Abilene Christian University (1977), Woman of the Year by Women for Constitutional Government (1978), and Christian Literature Award from Christian Educators of California (1978). She organized the National Pro–Family Rally in Houston (1977). In November of 1999 she was selected as one of the 100 Servant Leaders during the 20th century by Gospel Advocate.

Those who knew Lottie Beth felt her strength came from her Godly approach to everything she did. She became a wonderful role model for younger women all over the U.S. Her biblically based foundation has made her warm and caring. She has been such an inspiring leader that no one ever felt as though they were working for her, but with her as equals. An outstanding minister writes, “these books are by far the most profitable studies we have ever used in our Ladies’ classes. I have taught them over and over, even in the same class. The church membership changes every few years and our young women, a new generation, need these practical truths now more than ever. The Hobbs books are concise but very practical.”

All of these books are recommended as additions to personal libraries and are appropriate as gifts for many occasions. Sooner or later your class will need new material and these books will help promote spirituality, interest and attendance. Truth never changes. These studies are as fresh, up–to–date, relevant and needed as when they were first published.

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